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Now me and my friends all have children around three, we can play with them for a while in the play area, then sit at one of the tables and have a coffee and a chat, knowing that we can keep an eye on them and that they are perfectly safe. A good place for mums, a great place for kids!

We found this place really useful to help our son to walk. We live in a little flat, so for him to be able make use of the big open play area was brilliant. He could use a walker for about 50m in a relative straight line which really helped build his confidence, stability and strength. It was delightful to hear him giggle along as he was doing this and look so proud of himself!

Great place to meet up with other mums and let our kids run about. They have a big open floor with lots of toys and an area at the back where they can climb, slide and explore.

The place is well run and warm now thanks to their lowering the ceiling. The soft-play area is great and there are loads of other activities I've not seen at other places such as a ball-blower, air-riser, etc. The place is perfect for children up to about 4 and is well-priced.

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