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  • The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum
  • 3.0/5.0   1 Review
    • Station Approach
    • Temple Meads, Bristol
    • Bristol
    • BS1 6QH
    • United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 (0)117 925 4980


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This is an interesting museum that charts the history of the British Empire and its transformation into the commonwealth.

There is a lot to see here‚ but most of it consists of boards on the wall telling the history‚ which is good‚ but it could have done with more pictures and exibits. In particular it barely touched on the colonial buildings around the empire‚ or the admnistration.

I also feel that it didn't give a balanced picture of the empire. I know that for many people living under it‚ that it was intolerable and there were many abuses. However there were also many people that were proud to be part of it‚ and looked to Britain and our Royalty as a sign of excellence. We were after all 'Great Britain'‚ and Britannia ruled the waves!

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