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  • Taste of China
  • 3.0/5.0   3 Reviews
    • 596 Fishponds Road
    • Fishponds, Bristol
    • Bristol
    • BS16 3DA
    • United Kingdom
  • Tel: 0117 9583304


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On the recommendation of George, we had the 'Lemon Chicken' and 'Duck with Chinese Mushrooms' which were both lovely. In addition we had 'Beef with Tomatoes' which was very tasty and the meat was particularly succulent. However, the 'Singapore Style Chow Mein', while very tasty, was a bit stodgy.

Very bad Chinese food. Sesame prawn toast without the prawns? I hoped never to experience that, but that's what I got. Basically fried bread with seeds on top. Shredded chicken was all but inedible. Thai fish cakes were made entirely of rubber. The chow mein was the only edible dish that we ordered, and it was nothing special.

Bitterly disappointed.

The prices are good and so is the food. I recommend the "Lemon Chicken" and "Duck with Chinese Mushrooms". My only complaint is that the "Shredded Beef" is a little dry for my liking.

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