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  • Preview Buffet Bar
  • 3.5/5.0   6 Reviews
    • The Venue, Merlin Road
    • Cribbs Causeway, Bristol
    • Bristol
    • BS10 7SR
    • United Kingdom
  • Tel: 0117 959 8282


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Hmm not bad value but quality probally depends on what time of day you go in to find the food hot and fresh or the popularity of the dish.

We have been twice , the first time was good . Food was hot and very varied but when we went the second time it was poor ... Food wasnt much better than luke warm , chinese was bland no taste. We will use again as it may have just been an off day for them. Staff friendly. Could put a cheaper price under 4s as they eat very little.

We go here all the time when going to the cinema. It's a really easy place to take the kids, they love trying all the different food and for the price I think I enjoy it as much as they do. One thing I would agree with the previous reviewer, the custard isn't always up to much, but then I'm not a big fan of custard, so not a great problem.

Once paid on entry it's self service, food is of the quality of freezer shop Iceland, the pot of "creamy custard" looked as if it had been in situ for a month of Sundays. Cold plates, and food wasn't any hotter than tepid, won't be rushing back.

The problem with Preview is there is too much food to choose from! The quality of some dishes is not as good as you would get elsewhere, but the variety of dishes makes up for that, and the price (£6.95 mid week daytime) is very good. Also you can have help yourself to free refills of fizzy drinks, so after paying on the way in, you are not bothered by the staff at all, and when finished, can just leave without waiting around for the bill.

This is such an easy place to eat. You pay as you go in and then eat what you want. When you are finished you just walk out. There is no waiting around to pay the bill. The food is nice and varied (Italian, American, Chinese, Indian, etc). Not sure about fish and chips as an option, as I don't think you could eat much once you had that, but each to their own.

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