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  • The Cambridge Companion to William Blake
  • Editor: Morris Eaves
  • 4.0/5.0
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Book, biography, factual
This is an excellent introduction to the life and works of William Blake. It is composed of essays on various subjects by respected Blake experts. The essays focus on many different topics such as the circles William Blake mixed in‚ the technical processes of his engravings and his litery and religious influences. This combines to help the reader understand more about Blake‚ and to try and unravel the meanings of his work. This is not an easy task‚ and the essays don't pretend to fully explain his poetry. What they do though is point to likely meanings and connections between the poems so that a critical reader can make up their own mind. The essays at no point guide you through any poems line by line‚ rather they choose to discuss the sort of thing happening in them so that the reader can get more from them. I found this book very useful‚ and it has added to my enjoyment of Blake's poetry. It is‚ as you would expect‚ hard to understand at times‚ but even if you only understand part of it‚ I think that you will be greatly rewarded.

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