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I don't know who enjoys it here more: me or my boy. He's two and the trick here is to arrive early on a weekday when it is quite so that you can go around the bigger stuff. My son love's it and often squeals with delight as we go around and various laser noises try to get us, we craw through tunnels, up stairs, go down shoots and then finally it's down the big slide for us. Brilliant!

My kids seem to like it here, but really I was not very impressed with the coffee, nor the fact that the staff took too long to process the entrance queue. I did not come here to drink bad coffee or wait in a queue!

Simply brilliant! They staff are lovely and the range of things to do is excellent!

Now that my kids have got a bit older and they don't need/want their dad running around with them through the equipment, I can sit back in the cafe, which has free wifi and let them get on with it. Every so often, they'll come back all excited to tell me of some funny occurrence, then on they'll go. They certainly do love it here and sometimes get really quite sweaty, which I guess with all the talk of kids not getting enough exercise, is a good thing.

We went to a birthday party here. The party was well organised, the party room was nicely themed and all the children seemed to have lots of fun. The staff were excellent and from talking to the birthday boy's mum, the place was pretty cheap to have a birthday at.

My children are still quite little, but I find that they love all the toys in the toddler area and going on the bouncy castle. The climbing equipment behind the castle is a particularly good way of wearing them out and the kids often fall asleep in the car on the way home.

We've been going here for ages and as my kids have grown up, they have been able to continually move to different areas to meet their new abilities. They love it here and I love seeing how much they enjoy it!

The place is split into two main areas for younger and older children. Both areas are excellent and there is loads to do and explore. They have the normal flat areas, with lots of toys on, and then they have climbing areas and bouncy areas as well. The prices are a little more expensive than other places, but then I guess with so much on offer it's to be expected. While we were looking around, we noticed that they have some really good party rooms, and I can see that this would be a great place to hold a children's party.

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