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  • The Testament of Gideon Mack
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Book, Fiction
This is the story of the last testament written by a faithless minister‚ Gideon Mack. He was an unbeliever for most of his life‚ until the day he falls into a gorge and is rescued by someone he believes to be Satan himself. This of course was a life changing experience‚ and the testament leads you up to this point‚ until Gideon Mack disappears in mysterious circumstances.

This was an interesting story told in quite a different way. I enjoyed the book‚ especially the epilogue which shone more light on what had happened. This is a strange book‚ and I loved the amount of detail contained in it. I felt as if I had absorbed a book twice its size‚ in half the time. A thought provoking yet‚ easy read.

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