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Book, Fiction, Middle Eastern, first world war, history
This book was set in the First World War‚ mainly around Palestine. It looks at the British takeover of Palestine‚ and how they delt with the relevant Jewish and Arab populations. The story is told in the third person‚ but looks at what was
going on from a Jewish perspective‚ and a British perspective‚ and how this related to the Arabs. The story was ok‚ but I feel that some parts of it didn't work all that well‚ particularly the bits relating to the Arabs. The author had many details wrong about the practice of Islam‚ which made it a bit annoying to read‚ and confusing at times. That said‚ he has checked his sources on
many of the events in the story and as a historical novel it just about works. I enjoyed much of the story‚ particularly the way the Jews and the British interacted‚ and the way the British were living it up in Cairo‚ despite there being a war on. This was an ok story of resistance to the Turkish Ottomans‚ but not one I would recommend.

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